You can’t have a bad time if you’re singing and dancing your ass off.
— Al Grego

The Royal Pains, are a collective of souls, brought together in the age of electric, late in the summer of 2012, by the power of Craig, the maker of the lists.

Little is known about this assembly of treble charging audioslaves, these pilots of stone temples—except that they may or may not have roots dating back to the medieval kings of Leon and queens of the stoneage.

They are crusaders, united by a common goal, to rid the world of lame tributes and live dis-entertainment. To be the killers of the lame and ordinary, the fighters of foo.

These are not wallflowers, they live out in an oasis of social distortion. They thrive on the black keys between the white stripes of musical apathy, reaching for nirvana.

They spend their days, smashing pumpkins in the soundgarden among the red hot chili peppers the blind melons and the gin blossoms. Their evenings are spent in a pearl jam, among the tragically hip in a semisonic state of sublime aural ecstasy. They look forward to the green days, praying to our lady of peace that I mother earth will free Alice from her chains and bestow upon us the cure…Rock and Roll.

These new radicals are Al Grego, Stuart Narduzzo, Al Forte and Chris Dias.


Christopher Dias

Bass, Vocals, Rap


Al Grego

Vocals, Guitar, Bass


Al Forte

Drums, Vocals, Sampler


Stuart Narduzzo

Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica, Rap