July 21, 2013: Yes, It's THAT Cup!


On Sunday, July 21st, the Pains were called into action to play a last minute gig. We were sworn to secrecy so we couldn't announce anything, but now we can let out all the details!

It was a Stanley Cup party for Chicago Blackhawks' assistant coach Mike Kitchen. It was an awesome experience! 400+ people waited in anticipation for Lord Stanley's mug to arrive an arrive it did!

Mike Kitchen brought it in hoisted above his head as the band played Chelsea Dagger (The Blackhaws' goal song) and the crowd erupted.

It's a scene none of us will soon forget.

Later in the evening we even got to share the same stage with the cup. What an honour!

We'd like to thank the great people at the Pattie House for inviting us to share in the great event! Great day! Great venue!

We can't wait to go back on August 10th!