November 28, 2014 @ CW Coop's, Holland Landing

Oh What a night! After a long 3 month hiatus, it seemed appropriate that our first show back was where it all began. Last night, it was standing room only at C.W. Coop's in Holland Landing and what a crowd it was!

It's so easy to put on a good show when you have an amazing audience like we had last night. We fed off the energy and everyone had a great time, including the band.

A big thank you goes to the folks at CW Coop's for inviting us to play and to Tanya for snapping some pictures (she used my phone so don't blame her for the quality).

If you were there Friday night, we'd really love to hear from you! We need some testimonials for our website. So, if you enjoyed the band, please go to the Testimonials page of our website: and use the new submission form to send us your testimonial.

Thank you for your support and stay tuned for more show dates