June 7, 2014 @ Private Function: Wedding

This past Saturday, we played our second wedding gig and let me tell you—Adam Sandler had the right idea—being a wedding band ROCKS! This past Saturday was no exception as we (along with DJ Jay Grant) provided the entertainment to an appreciative and raucous wedding party on Andy & Amber's special day.

We got a lot of great feedback from those in attendance including the following message from the bride herself:

Cannot thank you boys enough for rocking the hell out of our wedding!!! We had such a blast and I don’t think I left the dance floor once!! I will be away for some time in July but if you’re ever looking for a backup cowbell percussionist.. you know where to find me.
— Amber Lynn

UPDATE!: We just received the following glowing review from the newlyweds themselves and I just had to post it here:

These guys are the future of wedding cover bands!!

My wife and I booked The Royal Pains for our wedding after having only seen them once at a local dive bar. We were really impressed the first time, but let me say, this band is the TIGHTEST cover band I have ever heard. They played exactly what we wanted to hear and were interactive with the crowd the whole night, not just during their sets. Everyone that came has been raving about how much fun they had and how good the band was, and we couldn’t agree more. Al the singer has the ability to sing exactly like Gord Downie, Jack White, Sam Roberts, Dave Grohl etc etc etc without it sounding put on and forced, just an amazing chamelon voice, and Stuart the guitarist plays the riffs just as good as the original artists, without question. The other Al, on drums was on point all night, and blew my mind with his ability to play every single song to perfection, given how many different variables there are on drums, and the fact they played songs from 15+ bands, each bands drummer having his own unique kit. A guitarist has pedals, but a drummer needs to cover all bases in one package and he certainly has. Perhaps one of my favorite moments was when Chris the bass player, stepped in to sing as Rivers Cuomo for Weezers Hash Pipe. Much too high for Al to reach obviously, but as I found all night, this band always has a trick up their sleeve.

Earlier in the night, the band and my new sister in law plotted a secret plan to fit in a special number (Proud Mary) with her singing lead. We both found their willingness to do this was awesome, giving the sister of the bride a chance to give a very special wedding gift, but also the overall tightness to an impromptu request with a twist to the songs original timing. You would swear that they had rehearsed this many times. Al even came into the crowd to have guests sing with him, as well as giving my wife the cowbell to hammer on, given her requests of “Needing more cowbell!” (big SNL reference)

All in all we could not have asked for a better band for our special day, these guys are professional, friendly, cost-effective and just overall amazing. I have had thoughts of hiring them again in the future, just to try to have as much fun as I did the other night.

Thanks again guys, you were amazing! We will be sure to tell everyone we know about you, and how to find you here on Gigsalad. All the best and hope for more wedding success in the future!
— Andy and Amber

The Royal Pains Live in Midland at Amber & Andy 's Wedding

Posted by DJ4U Jay Grant on Sunday, June 8, 2014

A big thanks goes out to DJ Jay Grant for snapping some pictures and shooting some video of our performance!