November 26 @ College Street Bar, Toronto

It was another great turnout last Thursday night at College Street Bar. There was a bartending competition, there was money being raised for prostate cancer, there were out-of-town guests, there was a live Periscope, there was the usual great food and drinks, and of course, there was music...lots of great music!

A huge thanks as always to Gavin, Wes, Mike and the rest of the staff at CSB for having us out to play.

Thanks to Vanessa for coming up and singing a few songs with the band.

Thanks to the great crowd for coming out and partying with us.

Finally, thanks to Dina for taking great pictures and video (to come).

If you have any pictures or video from Thursday, please feel free to share them with us.

Next up...2016! If something comes up before that, we'll definitely let you know!