May 2, 2015 @ Private Function: Birthday Party

We had a great time last night up in Gilford for Manon's big birthday bash. The crowd was fun and enthusiastic with lots of dancers and even some guest musicians. The venue—aka "The Garage Mahal"—was better equipped than many actual venues. In the end, no cops were called due to noise complaints, so it was a good night all around. Happy birthday to Manon and—as it turned out—Joe as well. It was definitely a fun night.

Here are some kind words from the birthday girl and her hubby:

Thank you for a great performance at my 40th birthday bash! The music as always was fantastic! You rocked the party! Thanks again.
— Manon & Joe

Another happy customer. :)

If anyone has any video or pictures of the evening's event, we'd love you to share it!

Next show, is another birthday, but this time everyone is invited. It's Royal Pains' singer Al Grego's 40th on Saturday, June 13th @ Col. Mustards Newmarket. Here is the link:

Come one, come all!