July 4, 2015 @ Bradford Ribfest

WOW! What a great time we had yesterday at Bradford Ribfest! Those guys at BWG Events Group really know how to put on a top-notch show and festival. We ate some delicious ribs, heard some great bands play some amazing music and to top it off we got a turn on stage!

On most weekends we go around pretending to be rock stars, but yesterday we got the rockstar treatment and we're greatful for the opportunity. Hopefully we'll be asked back next year!

A big thanks goes out to Ricky Brooks, the man with the vision and his entire team. The sound guys were awesome to work with. The other bands were amazing, a shout out goes to The Wendels, Carl Rundown Band, the Crooked Zebras, and all the other great bands we shared the stage with.

Finally, thanks to our two photographers, Tanya and Owen for capturing the events of the day.

Next up, a show in the city! This coming Thursday, July 9th at College Street Bar.