January 29, 2016 @ Dominion Pub & Kitchen, Toronto

This past Friday night we played our first show at the Dominion Pub and Kitchen in Toronto's east end and it was a blast!

What a cool venue! The food was great, as were the drinks, and the staff was super-friendly and accommodating!

That would have been enough for us, but you throw in a great audience of dancers and you get an amazing party atmosphere!

A big thank you to the folks at Dominion Pub and Kitchen for inviting us to play. We hope to be back soon!

A shout-out to Janine for being one of our biggest supporters and for taking some pictures of the evening.

If you were there and you have any pictures or video, feel free to share them with us and others!

Next up...we wind up our 2016 Kick-Off Tour this coming Friday, Februray 5th, with a trip uptown to another new and exciting venue, Alleycatz:


See you all there!