December 2, 2016 @ Donaleigh's Irish Public House, Barrie

Friday Night at Donaleighs Irish Public House was a ton of fun! As usual, the house was packed and patrons were DTP (Down To Party)! We're starting to see a lot of familiar faces coming back show after show and we can't thank you folks enough for your support (you know who you are).

One such person in attendance took the time to come by our website and leave the following testimonial:

“I saw the band for the second time December 2nd at Donaleigh’s in Barrie and they didn’t disappoint! Once again they killed their 3 sets and I swear that if I closed my eyes I would have a hard time telling if it were the original artist or not...
— Steven

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The usual shout-outs go to: Donaleigh's management for inviting us to play; Stephen the super sound-guy for making us sound good; and Tanya for snapping photos and shooting video of the evening's events.

Some special shout-outs go to the two birthday girls in attendance, Donna and Marianne (I think that was her name?).

Another special shout-out goes to Pains superfan Carrie, for playing the shit out of that cowbell!

Finally a super-duper shout-out goes to Pains photographer/videographer/lead-singer's wife Tanya for letting Al play a gig on their 16th wedding anniversary. You have the patience and understanding of a saint!

If you have any photos and video of the evening, feel free to post and share with us!

Next up...

For our last show before the calendar turns we return to our favourite spot in Toronto, College Street Bar:

We hope to see you there!