March 17, 2016 @ College Street Bar

After a short break, it was really nice to get back in front of an audience, and we couldn't think of a better event than St. Patrick's Day, nor a better venue than our favourite, College Street Bar.

We had fun playing a bunch of new songs that were well-received by an appreciative Irish audience (at least they were all Irish for that night).

Thanks (as always) to the fine folks at CSB for inviting us out to play.

Thanks to Alexander Keith's for providing the cool steins, T-shirts and other giveaways.

Finally thanks to Darrel for snapping some pictures of the night.

If you were there and you have any photos or video of the night, feel free to share them with us and others.

Next up, we go up to Keswick for the first time to rock Tom & Jerry's Bistro Keswick:

See you there!