April 23, 2016 @ The Village Inn, Bradford

Last night was the The Village Inn in all of it's glory! A great stage, great sound, packed dance floor, and we were just along for the ride. What a fun night! The stars of last night were definitely the audience. They entertained us as much as (I hope) we entertained them.

A few shout-outs have to be given:

Firstly, a shout-out to Tanya and Greg who were celebrating birthdays. Thank you for choosing to celebrate with us.

A shout-out to Emanuel Januario, lead singer/guitarist fromVeil Unknown who was in attendance. Honestly if you haven't checked out their music, you're missing out. They're local boys who are making a name for themselves.

A shout-out to Rick the sound-dude who made us sound better than we have in awhile.

And finally a shout-out to management at the VI for inviting us out to play. We look forward to coming back soon!

If you have any pictures or video of the night, feel free to share them with us and others.

Next up...we hit Dunlop St. in Barrie for what should be another EPIC night Donaleighs Irish Public House:


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