July 9, 2016 @ Donaleigh's Irish Public House, Barrie

Wow what a night! What a crowd! Last night at Donaleighs Irish Public House, we played one of the most fun shows we've played in awhile! The place was full and everyone was in the mood to party!

Big thanks to Donaleigh's management for once again inviting us to play!

A shout-out to Stephen the amazing sound guy for making us sound good.

Also a shout-out to Ken and Tanya for taking some great pictures!

But the MVP of the night goes to that crowd who jumped, shouted, danced, and sang the night away making it as fun for us on stage as it looked on the dance-floor.

If you have any pitures or video from last night, feel free to share them with us and everyone else.

Next up...we take a little break and then we're right back at Donaleigh's on August 20th to try to recreate last night's scene!


We hope to see you there!