August 20, 2016 @ Donaleigh's Irish Public House, Barrie

It was an emotionally charged night last night at Donaleighs Irish Public House. The place was packed with Hip fans to watch "The Final Show" and by the end of it, there were few dry eyes in the house.

It was a tough act to follow...but the show went on, and we had a great time! instead of our usual 3 sets, we played one long 2-hour set to an appreciative crowd and once again, Donaleigh's proved to be an amazing place to have a party.

We don't have too many pictures of the night as we were busy experiencing the moment, but here are a few taken by our friend Sokha.

Someone in attendance also captured some video of us playing some Pearl Jam. So shout-out to Keaton for sharing that. Also a HUGE birthday shout-out to the HAF birthday boy who video-bombed the end of Alive:

If you were there last night and have pictures or video to share, please feel free to do so.