March 11th, 2017 @ Donaleigh's Irish Public House, Barrie

The cold threatened to ruin the night last night at Donaleighs Irish Public House, but it was simply no match for the awesome patrons of the Dunlop St. hotspot. After a quiet start by their standards (tables were still full, just not as big a crowd at the bar), but by the end of the night it was the Donaleigh's we've come to know and love. There was the usual sea of humanity, drinking, eating, bopping and singing along from beginning to end.

Shout-outs to staff and management at Donaleigh's, you won't find a harder working and more professional bunch. I had the Lamb tacos for the first time and they're my new favourite!

Shout-out to Steve the soundman for making us sound great as usual. I always mean to acknowledge him during introductions, and I always forget! He plays a big part in making the night a great one and should be acknowledged as such. I will try to do better.

A birthday shout-out goes to Maureen who, after seeing us play there last month, returned to celebrate her special day with us. We are honored that she did!

It's no secret that we love playing at Donaleigh's. The crowds are always a LOT of fun and last night was no different...however last night, there emerged a new subset of Pains audiences. They're what I will henceforth refer to as 'Stu'shippers. These are people who worship at Stu's feet, giving him the power to shred his solos. They were extra-specially enthusiastic last night. So a shout-out to all the 'Stu'shippers. You really made last night fun...especially for Stu.

If you have any photos or video of last night's events, feel free to share them and tag us. We'd love to see them!

Next up...we're off for a few weeks and return in early April with a show at our other favourite spot, Drake: A Firkin Pub in Mississauga :

See you there!