June 24th, 2017 @ The Port of Orillia

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This past Saturday, we played our coolest venue yet! It was a private party put on by the folks at Starport Marina for their Christmas in June celebration. All the boats and boaters in the Port of Orillia were "decked" out in their Christmas best, making for a very cool scene.

We were invited to play—not on a stage on terra firma—but on a barge, at the outer-most peer of the marina. We ACTUALLY required our equipment be "shipped" (these puns are not intentional, I promise) to the stage via dinghy, which made for some nervous times as we watched our precious equipment float off on a small inflatable raft. The dinghy, however more than proved our misgivings wrong, and the show was allowed to begin...

I wish I could say that things went "swimmingly" form the start (ok, THAT one was intentional), But the truth is, things didn't look so good at first. A song cut short by a broken string, a set cut short by a blown bass amp, and a pedal-board almost cut short by a spilled drink from a tripping elf (not a typo) presented some bad omens.

But as they say, the show must go on, and we didn't want to be responsible for cancelling Christmas. Our hearts grew 3 sizes that night, and we were rewarded with one of the BEST crowds we've ever played for! They danced, they cheered, they sang, and miraculously, no one fell in!

Our first two sets were an hour each and our third set lasted 2 hours! No one would let us stop playing!

We were told later in the evening that the peer had never moved before that night! Our barge was literally rocking!

A HUGE thank you goes to Anita from Starport Marina for booking us and the folks at Port of Orillia for being so accommodating.

A big shout-out also goes to Anita's husband Mark (AKA the dude with the dinghy) for loading and unloading our gear, and also joining us on stage to play a few songs with us on guitar. He KILLED IT!

If you were there and you have any pictures or video of the evening, feel free to share them with us and others!

Next up...

We take a brief break and then we'll be back at it on Friday, July 28th at Donaleighs Irish Public House in Barrie.

See you all there!