January 20th, 2018 @ Donaleigh's Irish Public House


It was great to be back on stage after a month-long hiatus! Donaleighs Irish Public House was literally at capacity Saturday night! What a crowd! Food and drink was consumed, birthdays and anniversaries were celebrated, a new song was unveiled, and fun was had by all!

Shout-out to staff and management at Donaleigh's who did an amazing job as usual. Shout-out to everyone celebrating a special event, thank you for choosing to celebrate it with us. Shout-out to Steve the sound guy, for being his usual awesome self...

...but the BIGGEST shout-out goes to the crowd who were SO much FUN!

See you all back in Barrie on Saturday, February 24th!

Next up...

We're in Newmarket on Friday, February 2nd at the Olde Village Free House.