October 19th, 2018 @ Barcode Cafe, Toronto


It was one for the ages last night at Barcode Cafe in Toronto! We had a great turnout and the crowd was not only ready to party, they were ready to show off some talent!

A couple of HUGE shout-outs to Kevin 'Snoop' Cmelak for rocking the mic on Tha Shiznit, and to Rudy (Ian?) for his amazing display of freestyle! You guys were awesome!

Shout-out to our guitarist Stu for putting in a brave performance despite being in much pain. Not all Heros wear capes. In this case he wore glasses and a Volcom Tshirt. 

A big shout-out to Jim, Emma and Filip from Barcode for inviting us to play and taking such great care of us.

Finally, the biggest shout-out goes to the great crowd of singers and dancers. You guys made the night.

We can't wait to return!

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