February 16th, 2019 @ Donaleigh's Irish Public House, Barrie

It was nice and toasty for those lucky enough to be inside Donaleigh's last night. Unfortunately not everyone could get in as the house was at capacity early. Those who were lucky enough to get in were treated to a party! Great food and drinks, great service, great music and great people!

Shout-out to everyone celebrating birthdays last night including Sam, Karen and Mel. Thank you for choosing to celebrate with us!

Shout out to Agata for the pictures, to Stephen for the sound, to Pains' Management for their dutiful support, and to Donaleigh's staff and management for their usual high level of service!

The final shout out (as always) goes to the amazing crowd of singers, dancers and revellers! Without you it wouldn't be as awesome!

We'll be back at Donaleigh's on Saturday, March 2nd. See you all there!

#theroyalpainsband #donaleighs #rocktilyoudrop