February 2nd, 2018, @ Olde Village Free House, Newmarket


We have no issues with Friday being Goundhog Day if it means repeating it over and over, because we had a blast!

It was our second time playing the Olde Village Free House and it was even better than the first! No sophmore jinxes here!

The 'Stu'shippers were in the house and they got their Stu fill. They also set the right tone for the rest of those in attendance. Lots of singing and dancing, and a stage-crasher or two made for an interesting and FUN evening.

A huge shout-out goes to the staff and management at the OV for inviting us out to play and treating us very well.

Shout-out to Mat Murray, drummer for Those Handsome Hooligans for joining us on stage for a song, keeping Grego hydrated throughout the night, and vowing to start the Grego fan club along with his lovely wife Emma.

Shout-out to Mrs. Pain herself, Tanya for documenting the evening's festivities with photos and video.

And, of course the biggest shout-out goes to that crowd who made the night by partying their asses off.

We're looking forward to our return to the OV. Stay tuned for dates, coming soon!